Up to 50% OFF a selection of products


Up to 50% OFF a selection of products

Luna di Seta - Regalo PerfettoLuna di Seta - Regalo Perfetto
Luna di Seta - Idee RegaloLuna di Seta - Idee Regalo

Lace Seduction

Exclusivity is found in special and unique workmanship. Alongside lace finishes, soutache weaves are confirmed, revealing the hips with sophistication.

Moments to Wear

Unique creations that bring sophistication and confidence to your special moments.
Embellish your every moment by dressing the elegance of Silk.

Luna di Seta - Confezione RegaloLuna di Seta - Confezione Regalo

Our Philosophy

Luna di Seta is a story of delicate sensuality and craftsmanship, of a race along the magic of the senses to give birth to a brand that made sensory inspirations its strenght.


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