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From the desire to give substance to a dream through silk, comes a tale
made of garments with vibrant colors and impeccable silhouettes.
Lingerie capable of sublimating the seductive gesture by transforming it into femininity of absolute elegance.

Luna di Seta - Confezione RegaloLuna di Seta - Confezione Regalo


For someone special and for yourself. Garments that caress the skin and enhance every figure by slipping as in an embrace, the most special gift.

Luna di Seta - Regalo PerfettoLuna di Seta - Regalo Perfetto
Luna di Seta - Idee RegaloLuna di Seta - Idee Regalo


From the kimono, perfect for preparations, to the petticoat to wear during honeymoon. A journey through emotions told by garments dedicated to the bride, bridesmaids and special guests. A pampering, a gift, the memory of a special day.

Special Evening

A selection of lingerie to wear as underwear or to show off on sight, for a seductive game that begins with the awareness that to please is to like oneself.


The thermoregulatory properties of silk For beautiful creations. A selection capable of making you feel good, ready to visit the world with enthusiastic eyes.