Our philosophy

Luna di Seta is a story of delicate sensuality and craftsmanship, of a race along the magic of the senses to give birth to a brand that made sensory inspirations its strenght.

Luna di Seta - Confezione RegaloLuna di Seta - Confezione Regalo

A dreamed gift foryou, discover it

Luna di Seta creations are not mere garments but worlds. Refined jewels kept in a cloud of tissue paper capable of making one feel unexpected sensations. A pampering to indulge in. An intriguing secret to let guess. An occasion that becomes special, because you choose it. Open the elegant gift box and immediately begin your journey.

Rediscover the charmof feeling

The jingle of the bell hanging on Luna di Seta garments. The splendor of the fabric under the fingers that becomes a delicate caress of rose petal. The colors raging from neutral hues of powder pink, the color par excellence of Luna di Seta, to the hues of flowers, such as fuchsia, lilac, to complement the energy and vitality of brighter colors like green and blue. Luna di Seta world fascinates all the senses and uncovers the sensuality of the wearer.

Luna di Seta - Confezione RegaloLuna di Seta - Confezione Regalo

How to take care ofyour precious garments

Precious and sensual, lustrous and luxurious, soft and comfortable. Silk is a natural fabric of universal beauty. Being particularly breathable, silk is perfect in every season: it's able to keep the skin cool in summer and warm in winter. Light and soft on the skin, it will give you a wearing pleasure that is truly unique. If maintained in the right way, it will last even longer. A low temperature and a delicate washing program will be sufficient because silk is naturally stain-resistant and antibacterial.

Luna di Seta - Regalo PerfettoLuna di Seta - Regalo Perfetto
Luna di Seta - Idee RegaloLuna di Seta - Idee Regalo

The new concept of luxury

Luna di Seta embraces the new phylosophy of sustainable luxury creating timeless collections, with the best silk and fine finishes. Versatile garments featuring timeless patterns, prints and hues that will last forever thanks to the excellence of the materials.