Luna di seta

Close your eyes.
Imagine immersing yourself in a thermal pool, being surrounded by water and letting yourself be lulled; im-agine becoming one with it.
This is where the new Luna di Seta collection comes to life, from that pleasant sensation on the skin that you feel when you let yourself be wrapped in something light, smooth. From something pure.
Water and silk, silk and water: so different yet so similar.

Wellbeing, both exterior and interior, is the starting point of the F/W 2020 collection, the achievement of a peace of mind in which seduction and purity mix in the creation of unique garments, designed to accompa-ny you throughout the season.

Just as spas offer solutions capable of enhancing every sensation, from the hottest to the coldest tubs, even in Luna di Seta we have thought of garments that give your skin what it needs most, from the fresh-ness of tops and chemises in pure silk, up to the warm embrace of our knitwear, made of the finest natural materials.

Garments designed to be worn day and night, in the fun of a dinner with friends and in the privacy of your own home, garments that come together and influence each other; this is how the pajama jacket or a kimo-no become details capable of enhancing your outfit.

The colors of the garments instead take inspiration from one of the most ancient and fascinating cultures of our planet, a culture made of colors and precious decorations.
Are you ready to embark on an exotic journey, between mosaics and flowers, to discover Morocco?

Our new garments contain the essence of this wonderful country, the typical colors of the tradition are de-clinched in a balanced proposal of prints and solid colors with very refined chromatic combinations, such as indigo and brown, cyclamen and hints of burgundy, turquoise and aqua green up to the sophistication of ivory and marron glacé.
Original proposals, with warm colors, to accompany you even on the coldest days, which join the timeless classics of our continuous line.

The prints and colors change but not the idea that Luna di Seta has of fashion: combining unique cuts, ca-pable of enhancing the femininity of every woman, with the quality of the finest raw materials, to accompany you in a world of style and freedom.

The new collection will offer you solutions designed for every occasion through products that range from tops in delicate colors to more daring proposals, which make pattern a distinctive value, such as the negligee in damask silk in black or the devoré kimono
Are you ready to embark on a new journey?
The new Luna di Seta collection is already here.