Luna di seta

On the most special day, every detail is precious, everything must contribute to one goal: our happiness. And if it is true that the most important part is played by the dress, even what is worn before, after or underneath, must make the bride feel like the only woman in the world.

On the wedding day, everything must express our personality: from the dress to the choice of the ceremony, from the menu to the décor.
Obviously, underwear also tells a part of us and perhaps the latter, precisely because it is hidden, has the task of expressing our most natural femininity.

So what fabric, if not silk, can give this special day even more prestige?
Light, smooth, fresh, this material is a caress on the skin, capable of transforming every moment into an opportunity for beauty and pleasure.

Always considered one of the most precious fabrics, born from the fingers of a princess, silk is perfect for dressing the most special occasions.

The Luna di Seta collection brings together different garments dedicated to brides, perfect to be worn at different times of the day and to dress the needs of each one.

Top and coulotte with an essential design to wear during the preparations, covered by an elegant and refined kimono.

Alternatively, with a minimal design, particularly sophisticated garments are available, characterized by Chantilly lace. Chemises that touch the knees and enhance the décolleté, with a deep V-neck on the back, or light and precious tops.

Between the richness of lace and the minimalism of essential design, there are also garments that make geometric balance their characteristic: weaves and textures draw patterns on the skin perfect: these are the garments of the New Seduction series.

Garments that express purity and elegance, sensuality and refinement, strictly white, made in the most precious fabric for your most precious day.