Luna di Seta - Fall Winter 2018-19 collection

Women’s sensuality combined with a wraparound feeling of warmth, refined elegance decorated with trendy and modern patterns: these are the ingredients of the new Fall/Winter 2018 collection.
A collection dedicated to all women who want to discover their sensuality and appreciate themselves, independent and modern women who desire feminine luxuries and women who want to feel pampered.
That’s why we created this line of refined and sensual clothes made of high quality pure silk; a material that is a tribute to beauty for the splendour and sheen that characterise it. When combined with precious lace and craftsmanship, it can only become a masterpiece.
And also clothes made of the softest and most precious wool fabrics, warm but lightweight, that can be matched to silk to create an innovative and luxurious mix of natural fibres.
And what about the colours? A shade of blue as intriguing as the night or electric blue, a palette ranging from beige to green. And the brightest red.
We had fun imagining a world where seduction is made of small gestures like applying a bright red lipstick on your lips or choosing colours from the make-up palette, creating unusual combinations of refined tints.
Choose your favourite item and wear it with that touch of mystery that every woman has.