Luna di Seta - Lingerie, Resort Wear, Knitwear

Inside Luna di Seta

The story of our brand is a story of love coupled with craftsmanship and beauty.
A constant search for exceptional fabrics and attention to detail. We celebrate Italian style every day, bringing to life refined creations that exude modern elegance and timeless femininity.

An Important Anniversary

In a few days time, you will be celebrating your anniversary. Your colleague is getting married next month.

A Soft Hug

The weather is changing, September still carries the warmth of summer but the days get shorter and at night it gets cold.

An Unforgettable Night

Colourful like a blooming flower in spring or seductive in the classic colours of femininity.

A gift made just for you

Luna di Seta creations are not just items of clothing but whole other worlds. Refined jewels enshrined within a cloud of tissue paper able to impart unexpected emotions. Open the box and begin your journey!

Fall Winter Collection 2018-19

Make a wish: our Fall Winter collection can make it true.