Luna di seta

The story of the new FW2020 season is a story of senses, where you can breathe the link between seduction and purity, between warmth and impalpable lightness.

And it is from this lightness, one of the main characteristics of silk, that our new Autumn Winter collection draws inspiration.

An exclusive spa, surrounded by nature, is the backdrop to the communication campaign of the new Luna di Seta Fall / Winter 2020 collection.
An environment of peace and tranquility in which to immerse yourself in a journey to discover multisensory pleasure, where indoor and outdoor spaces are in constant dialogue with the environment, in a story that unfolds between the fumes of the thermal pools and the mountains outside.

In fact, there is no better place than a Spa to enhance the receptivity of the 5 senses in search of a lightness of spirit.

In the new collection, inspired by Morocco, the typical colors of late summer skies mix with autumn nuances in playful but at the same time refined contrasts: from indigo to turquoise, from ivory to brown, the colors combine in the creation of garments designed to be worn in every occasion.

Particular sartorial cuts, never banal, are the stylistic signature of a series of garments that alternate classy colors with more whimsical patterns, exploring the most feminine and daring side and satisfying even the most fashionable nature, always speaking the language of Italian styly and its essentiality.
The collection reflects the complexity of the female universe through the presence of garments that lend themselves not only to dressing different personalities, but also to be used in different contexts and moments, with the fluidity that is typical of women and silk.

Wide sleeves, V-necks, transparencies and lace are combined with floral and geometric motifs in garments made to enhance your body, from pajamas to baby-dolls, from kimono to negligee.

Luna di Seta continues with the homewear trend to be worn even outside of intimacy, focusing on the de-tails that make the difference.

From the lengths and the particular cuffs of the trousers to the maxi-sleeves of the kimo-nos, from the pyjama-shirts with belt to the side slits to the inclusion of impalpable maxi shirts in mohair and alpaca wool with deconstructed volumes, everything speaks of a sophisticated and refined design.
This is how a pyjama jacket becomes a whimsical blazer and a kimono with floral prints an original and refined overcoat.

The new Luna di Seta collection thus plays with versatility, from nightwear to knitwear, our garments will transport you to a world of pleasant lightness.