Luna di seta

Silk is one of the most precious yarns: natural, bright, delicate on the skin. But little is known about its origins.
For this reason we want to share with you a beautiful legend that reveals the secret of its birth and its spread, thanks to the ingenuity of two princesses.

An ancient Chinese legend tells that the discovery of silk took place at the time of the Yellow Emperor, thanks to the ingenuity of his wife: Princess Lei-Tsu.
Lei-Tsu used to drink tea every afternoon in the beautiful gardens of the imperial palace, in the shade of a large mulberry tree. One day, when she arrived near the tree, she noticed that there was no more shade: the leaves were completely ruined. And so were the leaves of the other mulberry trees.
Determined to solve the mystery, Lei-Tsu spoke to the Emperor. Guards were put in charge of the trees, but they couldn't solve the problem.

On the third day, while she was sipping tea in the shade of one of the few trees still green, a small cocoon fell into her cup. It was the clue she had been waiting for.
She-Tsu delicately dipped her fingers into the hot beverage, and extracted a light, shiny thread, which she slowly wrapped around her fingers: silk was born.
She called her handmaidens, collected all the cocoons and transformed the fiber into a very light fabric.

She-Tsu decided to cultivate mulberry trees to feed the worms, studied a new loom and taught the art of weaving silk to the women of the court. Silk thus became a delicate secret, exclusively feminine and closed to men.

Years and centuries went by, and silk conquered princes and nobles from all over the world. Among them was the aristocracy of the kingdom of Khotan.
But silk was very expensive and for the kingdom of Khotan difficult times were looming.
A particularly witty dignitary then proposed to the Emperor of Khotan to ask in marriage one of the Chinese princesses.
The chosen one was Princess Lushi. Reached by the dignitary of Khotan, Lushi was asked to bring as dowry the secret of silk. It was a fearless gesture; that of silk was in fact one of the most precious and best kept secrets of the Chinese Empire.
Lushi accepted.
The wedding was arranged, and from China a caravan left for the kingdom of Kho-tan. After many days of travel the caravan reached the frontier of the Jade Gate, which divided the two kingdoms. All the luggage was checked, but there was no trace of the secret of silk.
Once at the palace Lushi was ready to reveal the secret. The princess untied her hairstyle - which no one could touch: from the hair fell the eggs of silkworms, while among the medicines there were mulberry seeds, whose use was widespread for their healing properties. With Lushi there were three young girls, whose light and skilful hands would take care of the collection and weaving of the silk threads.
With this generous gesture Lushi paid homage to his people with a new knowledge, all female.

To celebrate these incredible princesses and the intuition, ingenuity and spirit of female collaboration, we have created a capsule collection: three iconic pieces, personalized by the print of the caravan, symbol of the Silk Road, the path along which this magnificent fabric has come down to us.