Luna di seta

If with the lockdown we have rediscovered the pleasure of comfort at all times, it is also true that we have regretted the opportunities to dress in a formal way.
The real point of balance, as often happens, lies in the middle: pyjamas are the new original and stylish garment, perfect with any temperature and pleasant on the skin.

To carry it with ease even while on the road or in the office, simply choose the right accessories.

The classic pyjamas, in solid color are perfect for more formal situations, where accessories and jewels will complete the look.
But for those who do not want a suit, it will be enough to break the blouse and trousers to create new outfits, refined and never predictable.

This is a trend that many designers have proposed on their catwalks.
The classic version can be alternated with pyjamas with a delicate and fresh print, like the one that recalls watercolors: it is a moment to imagine yourself with a light top and the blouse that covers our shoulders, elegant without the formality of a jacket.

But if you want to be even more daring, another very strong trend is the one that sees the combination of kimonos, normally worn as lingerie, with denim jeans for a vaguely gypsy boho-chic look or with wide and masculine-cut trousers. for a sophisticated style.
A sash at the waist makes the kimono perfect even in combination with pencil-skirts, the classic tube skirts; a contemporary version of those eighties looks that have left a mark on the collective imagination.

Whether it offers refined geometric prints or is in plain colors, perfect for combinations with fancy garments, the kimono brings with it the innate oriental elegance.

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