Luna di seta

The delicate colors of dawn slide on the skin in impalpable shades: the rustle of silk blends with the voice of the sea, floral prints reveal the hidden beauty of a city's secrets.
The images of the new collection's press campaign were mainly taken in Venice, a historic commercial crossroads for silk and a city where magic is breathed with the scent of salt.

Distant suggestions come to life in an articulated collection of garments of impeccable quality: pyjamas, petticoats, tops… Garments that are no longer just for the night but claim the light of day, they become instruments of a delicate and precious story.

The color palette pays homage to the rose-tinted dawns that are reflected on the soft colors of the buildings: pink marbles, with gray-blue veins that look like brushstrokes of light on the garments of the collection.

From the pink of the classic pyjamas to the clear geometries of sophisticated prints, which pay homage to marbles that look like lace, the collection acquires a fluid three-dimensionality that caresses the skin and illuminates it.

A wreath of flowers and leaves, in watercolor colors, decorates a light kimono by drawing a delicate weave.

The Chantilly lace of chemises and petticoats is combined with the freshness of a green point with an oriental flavor: a jade nuance that pays homage to the eastern side of the city and the long tradition of precious trade with the Far East.
Lilac flowers are the creative trait of a fresh and lively capsule: a caftan and a long dress, perfect at home or in the garden.

Garments with attention to every detail, savoir faire cultivated with love and commitment, which is handed down like family secrets, to celebrate an art that is born far away and knows no boundaries.
It is the art of silk, which has its roots in the profound connection with nature.
Thus was born this collection made of magic, which places the accent on light, to dress the days of spring just around the corner with iridescent reflections.