Luna di seta

Coming from the Ancient East, the land of Reiki, Gua Sha, Tibetan massages and Shiatsu, silk is the perfect fabric for the care of our body, in a vision of sustainability that starts from the cultivation of silkworms to get to caress our skin.

Silk is the sustainable fiber par excellence, part of a virtuous circle that affects the environment, the economy and people's well-being.

A long and linear path, like the thread that comes from the silkworms, which feed on mulberry leaves.
Mulberry plantations contribute to raising the biodiversity level of the ecosystem and allow a respectful exploitation of the territory, because they do not use excessive quantities of water and because the impact of emissions into the atmosphere is very low. Because they are the source of food for worms, mulberry plants cannot be sprayed with fertilizers or pesticides, as the worms would be decimated.
The fiber thus maintains its naturalness throughout the production process: this is why it does not release polluting substances and avoids the problem of pollution derived from the plastic microfibres contained in synthetic fabrics.
Silk is 100% reusable and recyclable, but if we really have to say goodbye to that garment that we can no longer wear we can do it with a light heart: being the combination of two natural proteins, it leaves no residue in the environment, which will continue to feed new plants.

The cultivation of silkworms requires an attitude that respects the times of nature and relations with the territory; a necessity, which is actually the most important virtue of this incredible fabric.

So much so that it is the first example of agroecology that FAO has indicated in its 2030 Agenda.

To complete the virtuous circle of this yarn, at Luna di Seta we only produce weighted quantities of garments and use the most innovative technology to dress the light wefts of silk with colors, reducing any waste.

A sustainable approach to the product, which is accompanied by the natural properties of silk.

Above all, the soothing and refreshing ones stand out: the natural treatment of this fabric makes it a delicate and pleasant embrace for our body, relaxing even in the presence of annoying irritations.
Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic: a material capable of repelling all external agents that can cause allergies.
Finally, one of the lesser known benefits of silk is its ability to absorb moisture from the skin, reducing skin dehydration and thus preventing irritation due to its dryness.

It is for these reasons that we have chosen silk for the production of our garments: to create products that are a pleasure to wear, even before they are seen.
Because we believe that choosing a garment is, first of all, a gesture of well-being, in intimate connection with Nature.

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