Luna di Seta Kimono

The word Kimono comes from the Japanese ki (from kiru, to dress) and mono (it) and it indicates the traditional Japanese dress made of precious textiles.
The literal meaning of the word kimono is dress” and it started to be used in the 19th century to distinguish Japanese clothes from those worn by Westerners, called yōfuku.
Created by joining rectangular pieces of fabric, it does not adapt to the shape of the wearer’s body who then must move with grace, trying to prove both her skills and her seductive and feminine appeal. In the Western world, it has now become a cult piece of clothing that can be worn on different occasions. Made only from the purest silk, the kimonos in the Luna di Seta collection can be worn not only at home as clothes that are both sensual and comfortable at the same time, but also as an outwear garment to be matched with an elegant dress on special and elegant occasions. The secret lies in finding the right combination of Eastern and Western styles, choosing matching jewellery and special make–up.
And also: to have a more casual look, kimonos can be matched with trousers or skinny jeans with trainers or an elegant pair of sandals.