Cortina Luna di Seta

Luna di Seta imparts a delicate sensuality; a journey along the magic of the senses to create a brand that has made sensory inspiration its strength.
The woman who encounters Luna di Seta falls in love with a poetic world that enchants all five senses.
First, with the luxurious velvety feel of the most exceptional silk that glides, imperceptible to the touch; then, further awakening her sight with the shining palette of colours.
While opening the romantic box that holds her new gift, she is first fascinated by the seductive transparency of the lace, the beauty of the handcrafted embroidery; then, delighted at the surprising tinkling of the tiny bells hanging from the clothing, and the scent of roses that wafts delicately though the air.
Poetry, beauty, and refinement to seduce with elegance and the beauty of simplicity and impart a unique experience.