Luna di seta

Our collection mainly features silk garments, but why limit your passion for beautiful fabrics and quality to just one material?

One of the essential characteristics of our brand is the attention to the quality of the materials: fabrics, prints, even simple labels: everything must meet the requirements of excellence.

This passion has led us to explore fabrics other than silk, which, however, have in common some details of considerable importance with this incredible yarn.

In fact, our collection also includes garments in modal and viscose: from kimonos to chemises, the offer is not lacking.

Modal is a natural material: obtained from beech pulp it is basically a fiber regenerated from cellulose. Natural and sustainable, like silk.
And like silk, it is soft and naturally endowed with hygroscopic properties: it absorbs the moisture of our body, leaving our skin cool in summer and preserving its warmth in winter.

With modal we create some of our garments dedicated to the intimacy of the night: pajamas, nightdresses and chemises.

Viscose is a textile fiber that uses a part of raw material of natural origin: cellulose obtained from vegetable matrices - trees, straw and even bamboo. The treatment to which it is subjected requires the use of some artificial substances, but the final result recalls silk for its shine and softness.
Viscose is also a highly breathable fabric, because the natural origin of the yarn has greater hygroscopic properties than other textile fibers.

Perfect both for easy garments, such as some tops and for more sophisticated models with particular workings such as the devoré viscose kimono.

The combinations of materials are surprising: dresses and caftans in viscose and silk or combo pajamas with modal top and viscose trousers.

With these two fibers of natural origin, the collection expands, while maintaining the guarantee of excellence and the sophisticated and elegant design that marks each garment.