Luna di seta

The new collection is a journey thousands of miles long that will take you directly to the other side of the globe, to China, where silk was born.

For this line we wanted to rediscover the origins of the material we love most, to tell you about it and let you experience it first hand in the way that belongs to us: directly on your skin.

The first big news of the new collection is the capsule collection that bears the name of the project. The silk princesses line takes the design of the caravan on which the secret of silk was transported, to replicate it in The silk road, an exclusive pattern printed on Artic coloring.
Kimono, Pyjama and Top are already three iconic pieces of Luna di Seta, three must-have garments designed to accompany you in every hour of your day.

For those who are fond of traditions, the garments of our Basic Seduction line are renewed with a series of new colors, in line with the seasons that we are preparing to live. Soft colors, desaturated, take us on a journey back in time, to rediscover the classic elegance of ancient China.
If, on the one hand, Black remains the most classic color, on the other, pure white leaves room for Ivory, for a more measured solution; Champagne and Rouge are the warm nuances we have chosen for this year, while the aforementioned Artic and Ocean are proposed as colder solutions.

These are the colors that distinguish the monochromatic garments of the new collection; if, on the other hand, you are looking for more imaginative solutions, the Flowers line will take you on a journey through the gardens of China, among colorful peonies and peach blossoms.

But the variety of our garments is not limited to just colors. This year, more than ever, we have decided to play with lace and transparencies to create solutions capable of satisfying the tastes of each of you. Small silk laces, two-tone embroidery with 3D effect, contrasting lace inserts and precious and sparkling rhinestone finishes embellish the neckline, the slits and the back, the focal points of female seduction.

In Lace seduction, for example, Chemise, Negligee and Top are adorned with lace for an extremely elegant and refined line. But the workmanship finds its highest expression in the capsule Laize, a series of extremely sensual garments in which floral transparencies will enhance every curve in kimonos and slips at the same time elegant and seductive.

The new collection then goes on to discover other materials, designed exclusively for the colder months, such as Modal which, thanks to its comfort and style, embellished with tulle or lace details, complements and warms the silk collection, using the same color tones, for a coordinated and coordinating effect.
In addition to that, velvet solutions and knitwear items in precious yarns complete a winter collection designed for every occasion.
These and many other novelties await you in the coming months, all to be discovered and worn.
Explore now the new FW collection of Luna di Seta and go on a journey!