World of Luna di Seta
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The items in the Trendy collection represent the enterprising spirit of the Luna di Seta brand.
The boldest laces come out and meet the decisive character of prints and patterns, creating extremely sensual lines.


Unique is the typical lingerie of the Luna di Seta brand, the result of continuous stylistic research.
Lace and embroidery design harmonies of timeless elegance and colours praise their beauty.


In every season, the Milan style is a source of inspiration.
Characterized by refinement and essentiality, the Milano collection is able to give shape in a single expression to the three personalities of our brand: Unique, Trendy and Private, accompanying everything with the timeless Basic style.


Lace or silk, classic tones or bright colors, prints or embroideries: the Luna di Seta styles are many, and all to be enjoyed!


The canons of beauty may change, but style never goes out of fashion.


To accompany you through the most precious hours of your day and night, we present our product lines: much more than lingerie and pyjamas.


Year after year, the start of the new year brings along an uncontrollable desire for revolution and change, like if in just one night we had the possibility to reinvent ourselves from scratch.


A negligee is no longer a garment to be strictly worn at home; it has now made its grand entrance as an elegant and refined piece to highlight to any look.
When made of silk, it lends a certain touch of glamour and sophistication. Winter trends show them long, paired with unstructured sweaters or cardigans.
For an elegant evening, a negligee paired with a maxi-length coat or a fluffy faux-fur coat is alluring.
Find the long Luna di Seta slip/negligee you prefer, and create an amazing outfit to wear for the upcoming holidays.


Luna di Seta imparts a delicate sensuality; a journey along the magic of the senses to create a brand that has made sensory inspiration its strength.


The word Kimono comes from the Japanese ki (from kiru, to dress) and mono (it) and it indicates the traditional Japanese dress made of precious textiles.

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