World of Luna di Seta

Luna di Seta imparts a delicate sensuality; a journey along the magic of the senses to create a brand that has made sensory inspiration its strength.


The word Kimono comes from the Japanese ki (from kiru, to dress) and mono (it) and it indicates the traditional Japanese dress made of precious textiles.


Silk pyjamas represent the latest trend for an elegant and original outfit.


Among the colors available in the fall/winter 2018 collection, green is sure to have strong appeal.


Women’s sensuality combined with a wraparound feeling of warmth, refined elegance decorated with trendy and modern patterns: Discover the new collection.


A new story to be told begins.
Discover the new collection and all its femininity in the new video.


The Spring-Summer 2018 Luna di Seta collection unfolds between a soft palette and bold colours, in a wide variety of hues ranging from great classics such as ivory, blush, and sky blue, to trendy colors such as cyclamen, turquoise, yellow


Luna di Seta Capri is a collection of resort wear designed for the woman who loves to travel and move


The petticoat is the piece of the entire collection that best represents the sensuality and sophistication of the Luna di Seta brand. A mix of softness and mystery: the softness of pure silk that caresses the skin, and the mystery of its inherent sensuality.